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Montressa L. Cunningham


Montressa L. Cunningham, most commonly known as Mont’e Millions, is a distinguished, international recording artist, performer, author, designer, and source of inspiration. Equipped with an inextinguishable entrepreneurial spirit, a Christ-centered mission in life, and the desire to help others find their path and purpose, Montressa is a well-rounded individual who cares deeply about his work. 

Born and raised in Gainesville, Florida, Montressa L. Cunningham knew he was set apart and meant to do great things at a very young age. Having been surrounded by music and talented musicians growing up, it came as no surprise to those around him that Montressa was born with raw and natural talents in singing and songwriting.

Seeing his potential, Montressa’s aunt, international blues performer Yvonne Jackson, stepped in and began to mentor him during his boyhood. As she had invaluable experience opening for the likes of BB King and Bo Diddley, Yvonne shared insights into the entertainment industry that would propel Montressa forward in his pursuits.

By the age of 13, Montressa L. Cunningham had the pleasure of working closely with Ms. Betty Wright, an iconic singer who was known as the Queen of Miami Soul and Sound. With such strong influences in his life, as well as the industry connections they possessed, Montressa was able to spend his later teenage years singing, writing music, and perfecting his performance skills on both regional and national scales. 

Shortly thereafter, Montressa would go on to develop his own indie record label, Life After Death Entertainment, and release his first EP as Mont’e Millions, My Life. Upon his music’s release, it was picked up by 93 local, regional, and well-known radio stations before selling over 150,000 copies. 

While pursuing his career in music, Montressa L. Cunningham balanced his pursuit of a higher education as well. His commitment to gleaning as much technical and business-centric insight into the music industry showed in each of his classes, and his thirst for knowledge ultimately led to him receiving his Associate, Bachelor’s, Masters, and Doctoral degrees in the arts. 

Although Montressa L. Cunningham has experienced quite a bit of success throughout the course of his career, he has also faced his share of heartbreak and disappointment as well. However, rather than dwelling on the negative impacts of such events or letting them handicap his ability to enjoy life, Montressa decided to use them for good in hopes that he would be able to inspire others to do the same. 

As a result, Montressa authored and published “Shattered Mirrors! Every Piece Matters!” Released in 2015, this piece was designed to pull those merely existing in brokenness, hurt, and abuse out of hiding and toward the love and understanding of Christ. 

All in all, Montressa L. Cunningham feels his purpose in life is to inspire others, regardless of their background, beliefs, or personal interests. 

Should you be interested in learning more about his expertise in the entertainment industry, experiences in writing and performing original music, or insights into his other pursuits, be sure to visit Montressa’s blog page frequently!

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